Keeping up with Nancy

g-172x172 New book for singles soon to be released Smart Singles. Watch for further announcements!

E-books.  Currently in the Google e-bookstore you can find Highly Effective Marriage, Creative Hospitality, and How to Communicate with Your Mate.

Soon to come Get Organized—7 Secrets to Sanity for Stressed Women.


A few years back I was a guest in your home and you gifted me with your book Smart Love—A guide to lasting love for single adults.  You wrote “To Rita, Be Smart!”  It took me three years to begin reading your book and only after a devastating break-up with a man I met on a dating website.  When I read it I bitterly wished I had read it long before as it would have saved me a lot of heartache.  During a counseling session I remember saying to my counselor, “I just wasn’t smart enough” and then I began reading your book.  I am a literature evangelist and I now sell your book to others wanting help with their relationships.

2 Responses to Keeping up with Nancy

  1. Karen Itzel Caicedo Jimenez says:

    Thanks your books Smart Love is very special for my life.

  2. Ishbak Elijah Bogere says:

    Your books are marvelous, for that reason is it possible to host you in Uganda for a marriage seminar.

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