About Nancy

Nancy Van Pelt is a Certified Family Life Educator and best-selling author. Nancy is a highly sought-after seminar presenter with 43 books to her credit, including To Have and to Hold, Train Up a Child, Highly Effective Marriage and the very popular Smart Love. Two more books are due out this year. Watch for them! Her books have been translated into over 30 languages and have sold millions of copies in both hard and soft cover.harrynancy3-127x127

Nancy is a gifted communicator who has taught over 3,000 seminars through the United States. But she has also delivered her message about effective family living in 70 countriesРcountries like Sweden, Germany,  England, Brazil, Singapore, the Caribbean Islands, India, Russia, Ukraine and Holland.

She has made numerous guest appearances on radio and television with such illustrious personalities as Dr. James Dobson, founder of “Focus on the Family.” She has also been a popular speaker on 3ABN television. Nancy was presented with a Distinguished Service Award by Family Life International at Andrews University for her outstanding contribution to family life education. She has received numerous other awards, counseled families and trained family life educators around the globe.

Nancy has a special brand of straight-talk that targets the heart of the matteer. Her message is delivered in a Dr. Phil style (with a christian perspective) that married people, parents, singles, and young adults around the world have responded to. She teaches from the depth of personal experience and is known for her wit and humor.

Nancy and her husband, Harry, with whom she enjoys a “highly effective marriage” live in Fresno, California. They have three adult children who reflect the same values.

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